Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aotearoa's Patu-paiarehe people (the pre-Maori stonebuilders).

historians and scientists are forever updating their views on what happened when, so when popular thought says something is impossible, it could just mean not everyone believes it yet.

Like Ancient Europeans living in NZ and Australia? check the links.

Phoenicians in Australia who left evidence of a port, statues, altars to Ba'al, a quarry and a pyramid which has been mostly destroyed.

Celts In Aotearoa
who made a stone circle in alignment with North Island volcanoes.

the red-haired Patu-paiarehe people (the pre-Maori stonebuilders) who left geographical marker-stones around Auckland and NZ, and stories of whom exist in Maori folklore.

I took this photo out in Wiri off Roscommon Road last year but forgot about it up until now finding those articles.. It looks a lot like a pyramid, no?

Its currently being quarried to death. Check out this sattelite image, you can see the quarry but you can also so how square this "hill" is. I can't find anything about it online.

i've upped the contrast so you can see it better, the photo looks like its taken at a slight angle but its pretty unmistakable. People told me its a natural hill that was probably terraced for cultivation or mining. the land around it is all flat. I want to go the quarry and have a look what its made of!


handyandyman said...

wow...!!!! years ago...(1997?) i worked here as a surveyors laborer...and always thought this was very odd...long before i found out the truth of our country... there are many interesting things i remember seeing around this quarry area, which have no doubt since been butchered...;( would be interested to go back and check it out... would have been an ancient survey/trig site... had to climb it to get a backsight and remember feeling like it was very unnatural.. lots of old trenches etc around here to...

handyandyman said...

and i have been google earthing alot more interesting sites... and am off to check these out in few weeks...kaitaia..waipoua..(if you hv facebook, will frend ya so you can see my google earth images)...

handyandyman said...

gd find b.t.w... got me thinking again...also have another site in auckland we worked at e.t... and have the whole story regarding this on my profile....:)