Tuesday, January 4, 2011

coked out

probably not the coked-up new years others experienced... I was on the Coca-Cola summer break trip to Mount Maunganui (which i am now calling Miami-Iti; as in mini-Miami) and Whangamata.

not the same mad tour as last year, a stripped back version with fewer dates and no rock 'n' roll, but once again, it was me n Chevy drawing temporary tatts with paint markers on beach-goers. behold:
chevy did this one, but i love it:

dedicated to a different Jonny, but worth a flick:
Chev always gets carried away on the big pieces, check these:

this one was super difficult..

Thanks heaps to the homie James Dhalsem GZR who took most of those flicks.

just so you know we were well accomidated, here's a sunset view east out my Tauranga hotel room..
and Sunrise:
and though i couldn't take a competent photo... at about 3am on New Years, i looked out the hotel window to see a red new moon rising over the horizon, due east, flanked by Venus. love to know what type of omen this is! i went down to the beach to try take the photo, a passing local reveller says, "thats what we locals call a Catcher's Moon, when the new moon rises like that, its perfect for fishing". Ever seen it look red before? "na man. happy new year!!!"

this is how we living...

happy 2011 friends!! looking forward to a whole bunch new adventures :)

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