Sunday, November 7, 2010

South Island part 5: southland to Otago

Southland! thats Stewart island. no, not that, behind that. ok you can't really see it.
Here's some scenic photos from Invercargill..

work to do, here's their Hell shop mural by me.
next we headed for nearby Bluff, at the end of the island.

Here I am at the Bluff lookout. let me tell you what's wrong with Bluff:
- its not even the Southernmost part of the Island. that's further east, at Slope Point.
- it once had a thriving freezing works which closed in the 80's, and the famous Paua house which has gone... now they have nothing but abandoned shops and rusted boats.
- it is the most ramshackle, dirty, ugly, rusted, depressing place in NZ.

I think this horrible town should be abandoned and left for nature to destroy. a total waste of existance. Death to Bluff!
the girls looking out to Stewart Island. So close, but $170 on the ferry! and the Southland locals all told us not to bother. fine then.

From there we went east, through the Catlins district, where we met a sea lion:
Overlooking Curio Bay. there's signs up saying feel free to swim with Dolphins, just be nice to them... its way to cold though at this time of year. but great views
The Caitlins District is the only part of Southland to retain native forest. I lost count of how many spectacular beaches, without any people on them, we saw..
Dunedin, South island's second biggest town... in my opinion, better than than the biggest, Christchurch. Firstly, their Victorian archetecture, particularly the cathedrals, are far more awesome. Second, it has a lively town centre! Third, people seem more positive. Four, its relatively) close to Queenstown. Unfortunately its a lot colder down there in winter. this is their First Church.
work to do. Hell Dunedin South... "the Lust Supper". this is only like 1m x 2m, tricky!
Hell Dunedin North... showing their St Paul's church at the apocalypse!
These are the famous spherical boulders of Moeraki.... curious

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