Saturday, May 19, 2012

Pacific state

 Back from a return to Rarotonga... if you get what I'm sayin.  Instead of a stream of this-is-me-on-holiday photos, here's only one, followed by photos I've taken of ancient stoneworks on the island.

The island has an inner and an outer ring road, the inner being over 1,000 years old and the largest ancient stone structure in the pacific.  Built from coral by a chief of uncertain former inhabitants, it had been tar sealed so looks completely unremarkable.
along this road are a few surviving "Maraes", ceremonial stone platforms once used for public meetings and rituals by the Cook Island Maori tribes.

 The most impressive one is up in hills on the west side of the island, in a whole ancient village site which dates back 700 years.
 further up in the village was the chief's house and a meeting place, the rock on the left tis the Chief's seat:
Cobblestone pathway:
 this rock was used for human sacrifices:

 and this one points to Aotearoa!  It looks like a hand pointing too.
so i found my way home easy as.