Tuesday, June 29, 2010

one-way trip

in this latest store mural, I painted the mythological river Styx that you cross when you die to get to the "underworld", "netherworld", "Hades", or "realm of the dead". Anubis is there on the boat that takes you over. it wasn't necessarily a good or bad place.

This myth predates the concept of heaven and hell by thousands of years in greek and egyptian mythology among others... even the old testament mentions the "realm of the dead" many times as opposed to damnation or paradise. According to some scriptures, Jesus went there and met the other prophets during the 3 day passover before his ressurection!

by the way, the correct translation of the Greek "Hades" is actually "hole", "cave", "pit", or "grave", rather than "secret underground world where go when you die to live forever getting tortured if you're a baddy".

Believe what you like, i just paint the pictures :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

hell out west

here's another pizza shop, switched it up a bit...
I've done plenty of evil grim reaper characters in some of the other shops, here he is at a dinner party. as you can see by his expression he's a liitle shy because he doesn't eat, but he's loving being a part of the social occasion (which doesn't happen very often).

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

yo ho ho

I finished the Malibu contract, here's the last of em:

see that winged sun disc at the top? its one of the oldest symbols in the world and is used by many cultures with different meanings attached. powerful!

in this one the monkey reminds me of my lil' daughter, he he!..:
getting back to the Hell pizza stores now, doin one that should be finished up tonite. here's a random photo from a unusual party last week, he he