Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Canterbury represent

Here's a couple walls at the Canterbury of NZ (CCC) office in town that i finished today :)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

drawing on what?

hey jettsetters, if you're heading abroad watch out for me in the airport at the DFS store... i'm working on a Malibu promotion, drawing on posters and bottles with markers in only orange, yellow, brown and blue.

as you can see I been doing this for a couple weeks already. A pilot told me i had a cool job! I thought they were the coolest

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Umami pushers... now in NZ!

There's always been a lot of negative press about MSG a.k.a. flavour enhancer 621 (also its friends 627 and 635). The flavour foundations of instant noodles and Oxo cubes.

check out where you can find MSG
.. yum check out that US KFC menu! heaps of stuff we don't get here. yum?

Apparently MSG not bad for you in small amounts, despite reports of some people being allergic to it, even addicted to it... its called the "umami effect".

oh yes... how bout those delicious "tasty" new Dorito chips that have just been launched in NZ? read this lifted from the link above:

"... And note that they don't think they can even come close to the MSG hit young men take when they eat Doritos. The "umami" pushers will continue to add straight MSG to Doritos, because they are afraid of a "riot" should the young men get less glutamate in their "umami bomb" snacks."

now in NZ!