Friday, April 30, 2010

nother week, nother paintings

This one is on a pump house in Pukekohe...

and this is a canvas for a kid! when's break time

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

one cheesy picture and one dope one

this one's for a kid, not Mega though he clearly likes it:

and this one for Simon from Lotech - NZ's best moving picture picture movers:

cheers Si you are the man

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Chinese first people in Aotearoa?!

Chinese were settled in NZ before Europeans and Maori?! Mahuika the comet? this needs probably some more research... but check this article

thanks to Ben at the gym for this one!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

soaking in it

i just been on a "work trip" to the geothermal nether-realms of the central north island...
here's the work:
and the geo-thermal:

Thursday, April 1, 2010

punching for fun

here's a mural i just finished in the boxing room at my gym, Club Physical K road. the hottest training room in Auckland, its a sweatbox! i made it an optical illusion so the corner that juts out appears to actually go back. impossible to photograph cos of the cramped space..

it looks weird cos of the many angles in the wall, it makes sense in real life doe.
Its a cool space, i always meet and exchange ideas with people there from different fighting systems... they are all very intrigued by the depth of Kung Fu. A lot of dudes doing "mixed martial arts" but have no understanding of the yin. No wonder they end up in cages cuddling sweaty men in hot pants! ew


So this guy Dirty Sesh has been all up in the media for his controversial attempt at an Eminem song. I met this guy last year, he came around to our old apartment for sesh, but it was fairly clean...
Anyway, i thought he was nice guy, but when i heard him rap, i thought, well, everyone should have a hobby.
Quite shocked to hear he had been signed to MTC. who knows what they saw in his music... anyway, now everyone is aware of it. Today Scribe is on the Herald saying "I'm into people just being themselves"... much respect, but I'm not sure Scribe himself portrays his lifestyle accurately in his lyrics. But when he says he would knock someone out, i'll believe it! I remember when he acted like he was gonna beat me up in third form cos my class bet his at B-ball, ha ha! its all love doe.
Likewise i believe it when Mr. Sicc or Ehrmen talk about violence. But Dirty Sesh sure ain't no killer, in fact i doubt he could overpower a woman! shame dude. and come on NZ on Air and MTC, there is a wealth of talent in NZ, why are you wasting money on this guy. I can picture Kirk "Mr Burns" Harding watching this media flurry from his castle, rubbing his hands together... "excellent".
Typical for the sham that is the NZ music industry doe, anything for a buck. Happy Spring Equinox suckers