Sunday, August 31, 2008

LORDS crew

in oakland with my other crew... Lords!!!

me n some of the boys...

see y'all soon! next stop hawaii :)

american boy

so much fun and eating in North Cali!
i painted this in modesto... with Lord Kaze
Lord Kaze inking a design i did on a local...
a tiny canvas...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

gone back to Cali

hey yo, i have to get some new batteries for my camera sorry! its 39 degrees out here its crazy too hot to paint but nice in the pool... saw a Heiro show last nite, gotta get some batteries ha ha damn Cali purple!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

anarchy in the UK

its been a great week, sorry for the slack posting! here's some of the action...
first, here's our day in Brighton with Aroe... cheers mate!

Brighton beach with the old broken pier at dusk...and some memoirs from a lovely outting to Eton and Windsor:
thats the river Thames with Windsor castle in the background.
Eton school: (not exactly Linwood High)

cheerio England! i'm in Paris now, aaargh last day in europe :(

Sunday, August 17, 2008

just touched down in London town...

...i wish they'd give me a pound...
...and look who i found! Ol' Deus who we last saw at the write4gold battle was actually meant to fly back to NZ today, but he's happy right here in the UK :)
and also, its Rosa who we last saw in Hong Kong!
great to see my friends, and not to mention an english breakfast!!! yay
this city is full-on... and "big bruvva" is watching everything!
as Banksy has expressed so well in Soho:

this is my first time in the Land of Eng, its crazy expensive but lots to see and do! jolly good

Thursday, August 14, 2008

what would ma say?

i am in Marseilles... really liking this town.. all the energy, down-to-earthiness and multiculturalism of Paris without being too big... and with the most important bonus, beaches!these are pics of the "old port", which has been cranking since ancient times...
really scenic all round the coast. you know where i been at:
he he yayuh! water not as warm as nice or st tropez doe.
this is the original port... ancient acrcheological ruins. this city was founded by the greeks in 500bc or so, while the french were still living in caves trying to figure out which berries were okay to eat. they discovered these ruins in the 70's when clearing land to build a mall!
Moules aves frites.. yum
anyway... i was going to go to Montpellier to see old Miste and then Toulouse to see old Tilt, but both are out of town! so peace out Frenchies, I'm gonna embark on an epic voyage to find some other old buddies. you'll see where and who soon enough! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

St Tropez kiwi

this lil' town is very difficult to get to (no trains or airport, mad traffic on highway) and justifyably famous cos its so picturesque. very peaceful as far as tourist hotspots go too...
quite possibly the dopest car i have ever seen... drophead rolls royce phantom. ooosh
lol! wtf?!

Meeting Of Styles - Venice... more pics

here's some bonus flicks from the weekend...
mi amigo Viper a.k.a the Prince of Milano:
Peeta and Mambo:
3 Steps crew from Germany:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Meeting Of Styles - Venice

on the weekend, i turned around and went back to Italy to attend the Meeting Of Styles graffiti jam in Venezia. three days, 80 writers, too much fun!
Canale Grande:
heres a lil clip from sunday...

and my finished piece... click to see it big. its one of my best pieces ever and several people said i burned everyone at the jam! :)

great to meet so many cool people, shouts out to SABO crew, Aroe and Dadoe. Thanks heaps to Capo and the staff for hooking me up too!
now I'm back in Nice, what next?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

we should be so lucky...

Monaco: not much here to do if you're not a millionaire, apart from wanting to be one! nice to look at doe...
here's the famous casino from a creative viewpoint:

high rollers !

here is the only piece of graffiti i could find, it was hiding down a secret pathway... crack up!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

This is pretty Nice

here i am!

if you're a hater, you'll be pleased to know i am now sunburned... and now freshly dipped in aloe vera.
here's looking east up the beach, notice in the right of the photo the worlds biggest (i think?) cruise ship the QE2 coming in to harbour:
the old town from above... pic taken from hill with trees you can see in previous picture:

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

quick stop in Genova

i spent my last two days in Genoa, despite warnings that it sucked... actually intreguingly historic and rustic, also close to beaches :) all good!
downtown genoa: oo arr ye landlubbers... port ahoy
not much of a skyline but hey

all my beach wishes have come true because this arvo i arrived in south of France, "Nice".
unfortunately accomidation is in short supply cos everyone had same idea as me to come here..

Monday, August 4, 2008

stuntin' in Milano

its been a while since i did in update sorry.. i been in Milano with my friend VIPER.
here's a wall we did the other day... he did VIPEST piece and i did the background
here's finished wall in 2 parts (no join-up yet)... more fun and games ;)

now i'm in Genova, its hard to describe... amazing architecture. i'm taking many photos today... wish i had more time to stay in Milano but i gotta fly outta Europa in just 3 weeks :(