Sunday, July 27, 2008

floor rinse (Firenze)

this town is like a giant art museum! i have seen more Renaissance artwork than my eyes knows what to do with. you can't take photos of it of course, but here's some snaps of the city:
This is the Duomo, worlds biggest cathedral dome:
...and inside:
Renaissance man:
its not much of a party or graf town, as you can see... lol!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

its all real

this is my last day in Roma, so we went painting again... this time in the slums.
Ilijc had idea of each of us doing several pieces and mashing them all together.
Smash and Askew already did a wall with this concept a few years ago but he didn't know that, so we did it anyway :) plus we did it a bit different, note the little bit of Italiano landscape peaking out:
shouts out to Askew and Smash 137!

of course, extra special shouts out to Ilijc (DEBIE) for once again showing me the best time in the Eternal City. Ciao bella!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Roma style

me n my buddy Ilijc who writes DEBIE rocked some quick styles today at a hall of fame near to his home here in Roma...

where am i again?

i discovered some egyptian steez on the streets of Roma.
who knew there was a pyramid here? 2000 years old even. not quite on the scale of Giza but hey
and they even have obelisks, these are the genuine article stolen from egypt by the good old
Roman empire.
this one is from 12th century b.c.!! why don't my pieces last that long?

its all very confusing

Sunday, July 20, 2008

va bene

today i painted a wall with WARIOS and FRIKA, also BEAT and WIES... all locals here in Roma.
I got my Roman influence on...
"Cinque" is Italian for "five" by the way..
thanks for a fun day y'all! molto caldo


I'm staying in Roma with my good friend, local writer and photographer Ilijc... yesterday he had to go take photos at a wedding in a small town called Castel Del Paino in Tuscany, and took me along for the mish. here he is in the township:
A region renown for its food and wine, u can probably guess how we spent most of the day...
Tuscan landscape:
here's a clip of the wedding:

you can check out Ilijc's photography here
here's me trying to be a photographer: sunset!
all roads lead back to Rome eventually, just had to make a couple of stops on the way ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

is this not why u are here? are u not entertained?

i arrived yesterday in the place where all roads lead to.
there is this ancient archway next to the Colloseum that the Roman soldiers would march thru on their return from battle in victory.
I have returned to Roma freshly victorious from battle myself! ha
if u were hoping for pics of graf, sorry... but will do something this weekend for sure

Bavaria - catch up

here's some belated flicks from earlier in the week... just got chance to upload em now.
this the region of bavaria in south of germany, close to switzerland and austria:

this is how they live in far-off lands.
I could hear a damsel in distress crying from this tower but i was pretty sure it was just a fat american tourist who got lost...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

write 4 gold wall

i made it to Rome, but haven't had opportunity to post up flicks of my adventures for last few days but i shall when i can.
in the mean time, here's the wall we did at the battle:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

not again!

what do u know? we won Write4gold graffiti battle 2008! so we are are the world champions... still...
I haven't looked online for it but i'm sure u can find final results and flicks of the finished walls soon. meantime, here's some close-ups of the wall, the bits i was doing:
the infamous disco-ball "it":
TMD = the magic disco
After a week on the road with the boys, i need a rest from all the painting, drinking, spliffs, drinking, travelling, and drinking, so i've headed south for some quality chilling in a quiet hotel up in the Bavarian Alps :)
Here's a photo of Deus this morning waiting for the bus, shows how we all feeling...
My man! much love to the whole crew, special shouts out to Can2, Sinae, Atom and Wow123 for all coming out to support too. Tis time for some chillaxin ya heard meh

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

how we out in europe, spendin euros...

I’m in Berlin! And so are Askew, Deus, ADT and Ryze… met up today and me n Askew did some pieces, I got my Germanic style on:
“funf” is german for “five” btw. Say hi:

This here is a famous church which narrowly survived allied bombing in the war and is now a monument:
The flight here yesterday was long and boring as to be expected, i drew a picture despite turbulence attempting to ruin it…
day after tomorrow we catch the train to Splash Festival, yayuh! May not be able to update blog til after then so wish us luck ;)

Monday, July 7, 2008

wet and painty

We got rained out yesterday but managed tp finish up this wall today.... me n local writer ROSA down by the water, Fortress Hill Hong Kong

pleasing result.....and Rosa who's taking off tomorrow too, check her website right hurrr
we fly high! piece out HK

Saturday, July 5, 2008

culture = inspiration

more action than a hong kong kung fu movie... yesterday, first i went and checked out the oldest construction in the region, a 2000 year old tomb.
next to it was the beautiful Han gardens:
Dragon, with ball:
Then I went out west to Dofi's crib and painted a wall on his rooftop...
i gonna go paint again today if the weather doesn't ruin it. Went clubbing last nite and it rained on the parade, club scene was nothing to write home about although i just did, whoops

Friday, July 4, 2008

Lamma island

yesterday, Me Dofi and local kid Bose went and painted a bar on a lil' island called Lamma. we got well drunk in the process! the ferry ride was intense lol!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


well painting been postponed til tomoro so i climbed the highest peak and took in the views:

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

almost China

i went on a mission today deep in to the new territories (the outlying provinces of Hong Kong) to find some ancient cultural stuff, as you do...
the Pagoda of Gathering Stars (with giant housing projects in background)
Yu Kiu Ancestral hall:
roof detail:carving on rafters:
the red and black beams on the roof in pic above reminded me of a Maori Pa hard out.
Also, this evening I met DOFI, we gonna go paint tomorrow i think :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hong kong fooey

yay i made it!

spent the whole first day of my holiday exploring the Kowloon district... incredible place with a lil' graf hiding in the complex maze of back alleys. Awesome! here's a random wall i encounted:
32 degrees and 94% humidity today, nice change from auckland! the shopping here is crazy, i gonna take some footage for the sneaker heads to drool over... here's a couple pics of HK streets
will post up again soon once i've painted something aaight