Monday, January 30, 2012

Fracking hell

FYI:"fracking - pounding streams of high pressure water and chemicals into rock formations to loosen gas deposits", or in other words, fucking the earth for corporate profit.

check out this article the other day about how it CAUSES EARTHQUAKES...

I'm in Christchurch (aka Quake City) this week, and coincidently, just saw an interesting post on Facebook, behold:

..did a quick search and found this article about it, with CHCH's slimy mayor uncharacteristicly questioning government greed.. This is actually only a chunk of all the "exploration" permits our capitalist government is currently handing out to offshore companies without public knowledge. :(

Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012: the end is nigh!

11 more months til the planets in our solar system align with the sun and the centre of the galaxy... as foretold by the ancients and acknlowledged by modern science. Does this mean anything for us or is it just a galactic date mrker of the beginning of a new 5,000 year cycle? probably the latter. But unfortunately, the "powers that be", or the western capitalist empire, seem determined to unleash (holy) war on Babylon (Iran) this year.
Another war in the middle east ay, so what? say the majority of people. What with Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan etc we've been living with these wars for so long they're now the norm. The mainstream media recently (falsly) reported the end of the war in Iraq, so i guess its time for the next one.
I brought up the topic recently with the in-laws, who said, "arent Iran the bad guys?" so the papers and TV would have you believe, they are a "nuclear threat". so time to invade, just like Iraq with its WMDs (which it turned out never existed), Afghanistan with AL-Qaeda (who were never formally charged with 911 and who's leader was murdered in violation of international law in Pakistan, without facing trial.)
The murderous Zionist regime of Israel has never declared its nuclear weapons, yet wants to invade Iran on suspicion they have them. Problem is, Russia, and probably China, are ready to help defend Iran if its invaded. Which means WWIII. Seriously!
IF invaded, Iran will block the oil exports from the region, causing the price of oil to skyrocket worldwide, followed by further economic collapse, which will lead to civil disobiedience on scale that will make the Arab Spring and Occupy protests of last year seem minor in comparison.
This is not my doomsday prophecy, rather just a collaboration of the info i've been noting from the news lately. War with Iran must be avoided, it is truely the Crusade foretold in prophecy which will spell doom for modern society. Pay attention, and please, give a damn