Monday, February 21, 2011

recent art by me

I've been so engrossed in archeo-astronomy pseudo-history, I've neglected to post up any of my recent work... so here ya go.
firstly, a piece which i left unfinished for 2 months, finally got back yesterday and ended it. boom! Thanks for the spot Navs and for the advice on fuel combustion.

These next flicks are of the back part and toilets of intimate Ponsonby bar "Julep", all prohibiton-era theme artwork. complicated job but very happy with results! cheers Phil

here's a commissioned Valentines Day canvas for a friend, Betty Boop with her hairdo. Painted with brushes, erk!
More brush painting: this time on a fibreglass horse for the wonderful Fastest Art Charity Auction, raising money for various charities, check the link for the other entries. Great stuff Auckland. This one here is "by" my homies the Vodafone Warriors, I "helped" ;)

GO The Warriors!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

polynesian Viking wakas bigger than Endeavour

its getting to the point now where i'm gonna have to stop blogging this stuff n write a book

Tonga's ancient stone-building

I thought i was going on a pretty far-out tangent with all this ancient stone-builder stuff, but people keep re-affirming that there's a lot more out there...

check out this one in Tonga, thanks to Finer FDKNS for the link. He says there's a whole trove of knowledge on the subject in the Pacific Island section of Manukau library.

Oh so whats the accepted story again? PI peoples were dumb savages who colonised the entire Pacific by drifting around randomly in canoes? we know they had a more advanced knowledge of navigation than Europeans in the middle ages. And look at how square that top stone is. I would say wake up to the truth but i don't know what the truth is either, but its certainly not what we're taught in school.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

more evidence of Aotearoa's pre-Maori people

thanks to the homie big Navs for sending me this link, he's heard the legends from his father and we're starting to hear that Iwi all around the country have stories about these people...

quote from that link: "Pakepakehā is another word for patupaiarehe. It may have given rise to the term Pākehā (a New Zealander of European descent). To Māori, Europeans resembled the pakepakehā or patupaiarehe, with their fair skin and light-coloured hair."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Aotearoa's Patu-paiarehe people (the pre-Maori stonebuilders).

historians and scientists are forever updating their views on what happened when, so when popular thought says something is impossible, it could just mean not everyone believes it yet.

Like Ancient Europeans living in NZ and Australia? check the links.

Phoenicians in Australia who left evidence of a port, statues, altars to Ba'al, a quarry and a pyramid which has been mostly destroyed.

Celts In Aotearoa
who made a stone circle in alignment with North Island volcanoes.

the red-haired Patu-paiarehe people (the pre-Maori stonebuilders) who left geographical marker-stones around Auckland and NZ, and stories of whom exist in Maori folklore.

I took this photo out in Wiri off Roscommon Road last year but forgot about it up until now finding those articles.. It looks a lot like a pyramid, no?

Its currently being quarried to death. Check out this sattelite image, you can see the quarry but you can also so how square this "hill" is. I can't find anything about it online.

i've upped the contrast so you can see it better, the photo looks like its taken at a slight angle but its pretty unmistakable. People told me its a natural hill that was probably terraced for cultivation or mining. the land around it is all flat. I want to go the quarry and have a look what its made of!