Wednesday, July 21, 2010

sport is important

here's a lil' doodad i painted on a big billboard in support of the NZ commonwealth games team. its goin around the country for people to sign. Go the colonies!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

brontosaurus in the mist

Here's a wall i did yesterday (about 2 x 3 m) in my mate Dave's studio... mean fun

spent ages on all the little details... such as this lil' fella:

Monday, July 5, 2010

Samoan Pyramid?!

no shit!

Ok, i know there's pyramids in Egypt, Central and South America... and even in China... and comparabile mounds throughout Europe.

But Polynesia? I didn't know any Polynesian peoples made structures of stone (except Easter Islanders). I guess this is interesting to me because Pyramids are pretty much everywhere, built round the same time by cultures that apparently weren't in contact with each other and didn't have large earth moving technology.

Convential archeology says that they are burial mounds or tombs. or astrological observation platforms. could be right... the star-gazing Polynesians had the most advanced knowledge of navigation of any ancient people. real talk.

I know so many people that have been to Samoa but never heard any one mention a Pyramid.

well this ain't a theory, its a fact, check it out:
on wikipedia

or there's a great article here

the white man brought huge change to the islanders, and i think its tragic how their traditional religions and their knowledge of the world is unrecorded and now all but gone forever. Like the Central and South American Cultures. The biggest Pyramid in the world is in Mexico and 90% of it is unexcavated... because the murderous Conquistadores built a Catholic Church on it which is now considered a national monument that can't be moved. I have almost finished reading the whole Bible and i still can't understand how Christian ideology led to centuries of oppression, genocide, supression of science and culture.. don't get me started!