Saturday, January 31, 2009

bella qween tour continues...

being tour manager is probably the least fun job on a tour, apart from perhaps the sound guy... but i do enjoy getting to host MC and enjoy some sight-seeing, plus making new friends and connecks...
on thursday we were in the geo-thermal capital of the country... the swamp of eternal stench!
took some videos for those of you who haven't seen or smelt it ha ha check it:

oh and the show was choice, shouts out to DJ Tone Def for sussing us out.

Here's tour support act Crooks International doing a mic check before their first track... u have to watch it sittin' sideways sorry

in Friday i got to visit Napier for the firsts time. I do like old school architecture, and Napier's CDB is all art deco style from the 1930's. kitsch or elegant? gay or stylish? or all of the above.
big ups to "Bay Area" locals DJ Jayrassik, Evolution and Ben for their support! mean nite.
on the way home yesterday we stopped for a dip in Lake Taupo...
and another stop to check the awesome Huka falls:

back in Aucks now, so much to do... but definitely feeling the urge to do a tour where i get to be the rapper! time to start planning ;)

graffiti for babies

here's a canvas i painted last week for a less than one year old girl named Lyla... pretty colours!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

how could u forget our anniversary?!

its Auckland anniversary weekend, me n my colleague Josh have been working on a lil' mural down at the Seafood festival.
any excuse to celebrate Paella, yum!
Day 1, saturday:

Saturday nite and i was briefly in Tauranga at Colosseum bar for show #2 of the Bella Qween tour...
nice door stamp lol!!!
here's Soul n Couture (Shanti and Sheeq) performing their new song live at the gig:

...and today we finished our mural, see the food!
young Josh isn't used to be ogled while painting which was amusing, heh heh

click on the pic below to ogle it

about as crowd pleasing as it gets.
Happy Anniversary Tamaki-Makaurau xxx (i'm married to these streets)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

wanna route?

ha... here's a lil' commissioned painting i did last week for a clothing store in Newmarket, just got a photo today
pretty colours ay! me n associate Josh are gonna be down at the Auckland seafood festival this weekend, saturday sunday and monday from midday, making more pretty colours... mmm seafood!
and i'll be in Tauranga saturday nite for show 2 of the Bella Qweeen tour. busy busy!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

on the road again...

this weekend i was off on the road as manager of the "Bella Qween" tour... rappers, singers and dancers with support from upcoming groups Crooks International and Playa Park, and good ol' DJ Penfold.

We were off to Wellington - where i always feel at home, like anywhere on Planet TMD! lol
We took the back road via Ohakune, here's the mighty Tongariro shining on a beautiful day...

Is it actually faster or more scenic going this way instead of going via Taupo and desert road?
opinions are divided.

anyway, as you'd expect we rocked the show and had a great time. Here's our crew on our way back, taking a stop on the Kapiti coast:
nice work team!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Back in action!

well its a new year and i have decided to return to the world of blogging!
looky what i been doing... a new backdrop for our lil' TV show which is back on air this coming Monday at 9:30pm on ALT TV (Sky digital 65)

i'm a lil' bit in the hole financially from my extensive travels last year and this stupid "recession", so getting back on top of the bills with painting jobs, for example...